Out of Control

For more than two years I have been working on a book entitled “Out of Control”. I finished the rough draft in January and entered a contest. In that contest, I entered a rough draft up against other works that were more polished and fully edited. My manuscript didn’t make the cut. Since then, I have been editing and re-writing this first original draft trying to make it better. I… Read More »

Is there any biblical prophetic significance to be found in the blood red moons happening between 2014-2015?

Is there any biblical prophetic significance to be found in the astronomical events of four lunar eclipses (also known as “blood red moons”) happening between 2014-2015? John Hagee’s book Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change has definitely contributed to much of the chatter about the possible biblical connection. In case you haven’t heard about this upcoming unique astronomical event,  a tetrad (group of four) of  lunar eclipses will occur in six-month… Read More »

A Pastor’s Review of Noah

A “tee” is that little wooden stake used to “tee up” the ball for the first stroke on a given hole in golf. Golfers don’t even need to use them but they sure help the golfer get a better and cleaner hit on the ball. It’s an advantage for the golfer to tee up the ball. So why am I talking about golf and tees in a review of Noah? Because… Read More »

I want to invite you to be a part of my team!

In anticipation for the launch of my first book “Out of Control” I have created an email list where you can subscribe to be part of my team to give me early feedback and find out information before it is released to the public. I am going to be giving away some free copies of my book as well to people on this list. You can subscribe at the link… Read More »

The 7 Metaphorical “I AM” Statements Made by Jesus

The 7 metaphorical “I am” statements of Jesus making a claim for his deity: 1. I am the bread of life. Jesus is the “bread of life” in the sense that he nourishes us spiritually and satisfies the deep spiritual longings of our souls 2. I am the light of the world. Jesus as the “light” brings to this dark world true knowledge, moral purity, and the light that shows… Read More »